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Down the road from the house, opposite what used to be the Parnall's factory where they made aircraft bits, and the stone fish which made cyclists wobble a bit, there's a row of terraced houses that follow the rise in the land toward what was a railway bridge and is now a bike-path bridge. The road gets oddly narrow there, and if the people in the terraces aren't off out doing things with their cars, there's generally a queue of car-pilots and a selection of cock-ends in Audis.

Thus it is slow progress past that terrace and one has plenty of time to look at the one or two cars that are in the way and making life hard for the people who want to go to Morrisons. One of them, which never seemed to move, is a boxy sort of Ford SUV that wasn't popular in the 90s. I can't even find the damn thing on the internet. After about six or eight second-gear trundles past the thing, I finally registered what was slightly odd about the thing.

It was packed to the roof with stuffed binbags.

A few weeks after that, I was stuck in a different queue of traffic between Cossham Hospital and Kingswood. There's not much there but a cubic suburban pub (which has since gone on fire under odd circumstances), advertising hoardings and second-hand car dealers. And a Nissan something-or-other filled half-way with binbags.

Once you start looking for them, hoarder cars are everywhere.
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A thing that depression does that is awful is to rob you of the good bits and any sort of sensible passage of time and drop you in a pocket universe of shit with a ten minute cycle time. Because that's as much concentrating as you can do (if even that...) before malfunctioning brain goes 'This is too hard, I want distraction with $social-media'.

Stuff I did this year that I had forgotten[1]:

Emitted a short story for 'North by southwest'. Which was the first story. In anthology terms this is 'You are on to something you muppet'.

Built a radio that only plays old John Peel programmes. Actually a bloody radio. It works like the wireless. (Well, within the realms of 'hacking it all together in ten minutes')

Didn't post here for shit.

Went to Hay-on-Wye for pie, mash and SF.
Went to Whitby for the cycling.
Went to Cornwall for beer and technology tourism.
Went to Cardigan for the prog/psych music.
Went to Nottingham for the SF(F) and red hi-viz.

Went mildly viral. (Twitter really is badly done and filled with awful people)

Put a big chimney on an incinerator to make it go better.

Took part in Art. (Sanctum, Bristol)

Started a (power-ambient) industrial band.

One, no two only slightly daft ideas for EMF talks. (A device that makes life hard for the internet of stupid things, Exploiting codes of conduct for fun and profit)

Generated a set of cards for 'Project Management Tarot'. Got as far as most of a physical prototype before the first paragraph set in.

2015 has been something of a slog. However, the act of actually going back and looking has been quite pleasant. Once I'd steeled myself for the 'inevitable disappointment' my malfunctioning fucking brain had assured me I could look forward to.

[1] Actually forgotten, because see first paragraph. I can't even. What sort of person does that? If it were someone else you'd call them a gaslighting bastard and call the polis.
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The other month, I caved in and signed up for the Netflix because of Sense8. Which you should all watch.

While poking at the dreadful interface by means of the Virgin tellybocker, which was more or less like trying to enter a long name into a highscore table on an old arcade machine with a shagged joystick, I discovered that the choice of other entertainments was pretty poor.

Later, I went and had a look at the thing on a different sort of computer, where we discover that the UI was differently horrible. I also found a handful of things that I thought I would quite like to watch at some time, so 'tagged' them (or whatever word one is supposed to use) and then beetled downstairs to view one or more of them on some kit with better speakers.

They were nowhere to be found. Which I think you'll agree is a bit poor.

I guess there is the vague possibility that my IPv6 tunnel is confusing things, but it is still beyond me why (for instance) all of Foyle's War is available to the upstairs computers, but not the downstairs kit. You would think that a nice English series of programmes would be available to a nice English IP address ('That's four octets of the Queen's IPv4, Timmy!'), rather than some dreadful foreign IPv6 malarkey routed by a set of bad sorts through an anonymous rack of kit handy for AMS-IX. Why am I not being given the option to view the complete set of Onderweg naar Morgen or Goudkust?

Because the military-entertainment complex is run by feckwits, I imagine.
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Such is the marvellous pace of technological change, it only takes two lines of wonky Ruby to make the output of a C&N webcam work in much the same way as 'The robots of death'. Hopefully with less mayhem, wellies and seventies retrofuturism.

Retrofuturism is obviously the artistic response to what happens when the robots wioll haven be put in charge of making the maglev trains run on time.

Mind, given the way that yon shoddy webcam reacts to white LEDs (poorly), those who wished for mechanical signalling may yet get their way.

No c0de and no pics to show off this time.

Tangentially, it's probably not just me who grovels through rich but poorly-documented APIs/libraries, thinking 'That probably does something dead interesting, but I have no idea what since the effect of swapping CV_WOMBAT for CV_ANGRY_BADGER and making :polyp => 3 is not described.'

I should probably try to frig up some Fisher-Price knobs to test the interestingness of CV_WOMBAT.

In accordance with prophecy, stack_user.com is less than no help at all. Still, at least it's not as bad as the HPUX 'forums'.
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I guess it's an object-lesson in the fact that the purchase of consumer durables can only be a disappointing experience.


Looking at things that are far away lenses - all very fine. Things that are far away have defined edges like I upgraded their video card.
Lenses for the purpose of reading things - somewhat less fine. Trying to read SFX still makes my brain hurt.

... Which leaves the patch in between peering at print and manly regard of the middle-distance a disturbing blur where all the monitors in the world live.

Bit of a problem, that.

I'm not sure what to do about it. I suspect have them lean off the wick on the short-range set such that it matches the value of the bottom half of the set I'm wearing now. Mind, even that's only nearly right.
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A thing that I have wanted to muck about with for, oh, all of three weeks, is arbitrarily long exposures. Mostly because of someone else's startling views of the Milky Way, but also because some of the more interesting images I've hauled from the LC-A/XA2 have been the ones where I've held my finger on the button and my breath for thick ends of minutes at a time. However, since taking the wobbly human out of the loop on the LC-A would require butchering a washing machine to get some solenoids out, I've been less than inspired to follow up on the idea.

That is until some rotter at work allowed that you can put all good dSLRs and most crap ones into something called 'bulb mode' and thus hold the shutter open for as long as you like. All you needed was the appropriate remote control. £1.50 and some Amazon later, I had the appropriate remote control, and set about turning off all the auto-everything on the nearest camera. I felt briefly guilty, and the camera did its best to persuade me that I really didn't want to do that and how about a picture of a nice game of chess. Or a picture of some toast. Everyone likes pictures of toast.

Anyway. I beetled outside into the dark between the gales, horizontal rain, lightning and flash (haw!) hailstorms for a brief test:

Boring image. Proof of concept only. It was full dark when I took it. )
Porthcurno well after chucking-out. XA2 I think. )
HAR2009. Silly AM. LC-A. )
Walz on the Wye. During Prof. Elemental's set. Don't recall which camera. )
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It's a big planet out there, filled with a range of odd things.

Via the magic of the internets, I am pointed at a news report from Oklahoma City, OK (I think it's one of the flat, square ones in the middle. Maybe near the one with the pointy mountain that was in Close Encounters), in which some poor kid doesn't get her ticket out of 'high school' (I think that's something to do with Buffy or John Hughes. I don't bloody know. Apparently we all troll around going 'SIX-A-BONG') for saying 'hell'.

A quick look at the other headlines to the right of that article reveals the following:

Mother accused of allowing uncle to impregnate her daughter.
GRAPHIC - Elderly man arrested violating pig at school barn.
Daughter fights to keep father on sex offender registry.

I don't think I'm too far off base in thinking that they appear to have slightly bigger problems than alleged naughty words.
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Bad thing: migraine. Stopped in its tracks by imigran, but still.

Good thing: blank playing cards. Guess I'd better fix the printer and then work out how to stuff (a) through (b).
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While pottering about Bath because the weather was nice and if I didn't get out of the office there would have been An Incident, I happened upon the following shop or boutique containing a rather nice coat. Given it was Bath, I think the smart money is on boutique. You can't tell from the phonecam-snap that they wanted a fiver short of 200 notes for the thing, which, I don't know, it's a Washing Machine Problem isn't it? A rather nice washing machine problem though.

Something about the thing seemed familiar...

... Aha!
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I can see the middle aged Mail Tourette's apologists (Tee hee hee! Gypsies!) going for that like a mob of crap-jacketed rats.

In full effect.

There's a bit of a theme there, I think.

Or perhaps not... )
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Booze guzzled, Who watched, etc.

For a laugh, we went to the seventies and I slept on the floor.

Further experiments with not using a Lomo.

I must admit that I don't get on with Flickr, which is why I never post any pictures on the thing. FriendFace is... Well, it transpires that there's a specific sort of photo that ends up on FF (the drunken and gurning into a flash one) and I try not to have anything to do with that sort of thing.

Traditionally, I have run my own show because I have traditionally run my own show. This should probably change, but unless $photo-host-site can be made to look like the way I display the stuff out of the 35mm gear, I'm not really interested. Perhaps I am being an irritating and arty bastard, but y'know, my cameras my rules.

Oh, and it was minus fucking twelve this morning. I saw my first diesel vehicle with a plastic feed sack tied over the radiator and everything. It really is like the seventies out there. Soon there will be tedious apocalyptic SF about the coming ice age (it was big then) and Atkinson Borderers delivering steel to places in Gloucester.

Mind, the clatter of the ABS going 'O RLY?' is probably a good thing.
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Actually, it's probably a good thing that HTC's 'social meejah' 'application' has expired. A sack of bollocks at either end with Brownian goalposts in the middle. This would be why I don't take 'web deveopers' seriously.

Apple's Mail.app. Does it have a 'Next unread message' command/menu-item? It does not. It's not actually for reading mail, is it.

Anyway. Here's some pictures of proper kit that was designed to work for a long time:

Thumping great jpegs of unusual objects from familiar angles )
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I have just been ejected from Bristol Eye Hospital.

Apparently there's nothing wrong with my eyes. I just have thick corneas, which threw off the measurements. Much as I [heart] the NHS, it does lead a chap to wonder why it took, um, three years before someone went 'Hm. Hold on a minute. We'll just measure the thickness of your corneas with this handy laser...'

Thus I have been looking at things while filled with a strange and terrible joy; artics filled with Calor bottles, pubs re-cast as 'private gentlemen's establishments', the cobbles underneath the concrete in the street throwing off a century of 'progress'... Perhaps these are not joyful things for others? Who can say.

It didn't hurt that the sun was bright and it's jolly warm out. I'm going to be a mithering suicidal nightmare come the rainy season.

(And yes, I did get in the 'do not look into laser with remaining eye' joke.)

Otherwise, I was in receipt of a packet of zines from the splendid [livejournal.com profile] jinxremoving, who is made of epic and win. (And who I have sort-of-known since the days of running the Chaos engine webshite on the Inepte swervers.) Truly the internet is a force for good when in the hands of sensible people. Now if we could just arrange for a series of terrible accidents to befall the Daily Mail server farm...

What with the previously mentioned linkage, it's been a DIY/punk rock sort of a day. Excellent.

Minamoto is a shit cracker.
Via the cracked and trained [livejournal.com profile] andrewducker

I feel the need for beer and modern jazz.
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(Normal people would be doing this on FaceAche, but, y'know, fuck normal.)

This was the Bath river path at the end of May, just handy for the spray-shop and the Herman Miller works, which is slightly more seventies industrial than Building One on the (ex) HPLB campus.
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Testing out a new chemist.

Contains people, places and things in a confusing order. Also the usual shoddy composition and wilful camera-shake.
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On Sunday, Jason (WISOLJ) handed me a lump of IR filter.

Today I cut off the sticky-out bit and gaffered it to the back of my Nokia.

The results are about what you'd expect: )

The rest are here.
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Since it's been really quite pleasant out, I went for a bit of a potter. (After having a good prune of the garden. You can do your own 'Trimming my bush' jokes, I'm sure.)

All a bit widescreen )
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Take your bike outside, pedal like a bastard, look at some things. (Profit)

Although, here's a thing: my ability to want to explore, rather than thinking 'I'm out here now and I should explore, otherwise the effort will have been wasted, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me feel', has been severely curtailed by whatever-it-is-that-the-beta-blockers-fix. Yet I've just come back from a non-directed wander without the aid of any Instant Calm. Which, um, crikey.

That's well mental )
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[Yesterday. On the internet.]

Hurrah: An anarchist book fair.
Boo: When I am in the US.

[Tuesday. In the surgery.]

JHR: "This is like 'Three men in a boat', isn't it? There's nothing wrong with me; it's all in my head."
GP: *Laughs her head off*

Colour section )


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