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In this month's Hotrod Garage Tony Angelo, the presenter, seems to hit his stride with an instruction on how to get a car that's been standing for nearly two decades running again.

The surfpunk incidental music is also very fine.

Meanwhile, Roadkill gets both silly and meta at the same time. A modern drivetrain in an iconic shed of a car, plus bonus wholesale deconstruction of the entire 'reality' car-telly genre. It's like they'd been watching Charlie Brooker or something.

In re. the Corbyn/media gubbins, I can hear Adam Curtis in my head: '... and just when the media conglomerates believed they were in control, everything changed. A previously overlooked backbench MP was elected leader of the Labour party, which they had not allowed for.'
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A quietly increasing number of years ago, I was part of a moderately dodgy post-punk unpopular beat combo. Before we discovered the modern wonder of Roland drum-machines, we had drummers.

The thing we put the drummers behind was the sort of grim copy of a drum kit that you might see as scenery. Like fake chocolates and doors with forced perspective, it was designed to give the impression of being something along the lines of some drums, so long as you didn't stare at it too hard. It was held together with swearing and propped up with breeze blocks.

Today we see rare footage of The Ramones having it shouty in some club so terrible they couldn't afford for things to be in colour. Or more likely color. The drum kit is propped up wth breeze blocks.

I must admit that I feel mildly vindicated.
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Because of, oh I don't know, learned idleness, shit life and record-player hidden under pile of crap (and needing its belt changed I suspect), of late it's been easier to have the internet deliver terrible skronking noises direct to what passes for my scrot-o-pod (It's actually a phone) so I can hoot my trap off in the privacy and comfort of my own vile emanations.

Thus it is pre-packaged soundproduct(tm) individually tailored to my personal wants and needs. (Actually, Belbury Poly, Y Niwl, Sevs and Horace Silver)

In the old days, before I accepted the notion of the CD into my life, the thought of piecing together a discography from the jigsaw of Peel programmes, record fairs, the gaps in indie label catalogue numbers and small ads in the NME was a jolly one. A kind of scruffy-guitar codebreaking and psycho-cartography at the same time.

Psycho-cartography. Unconscious maps, hacks and hidden levels. (Which is why the 'UK entrances to hell' site is so fascinating) Post-industrial priest holes. The hidden seams and fault-lines in the built landscape.

Um. Anyway.

So you may imagine the irony in discovering a band (Factory Floor, who make the sort of racket I would have liked to have made myself some two decades ago, only I'd have more guitar in the Albini style) who've released mostly vinyl on a random selection of labels. Some of it's available via the Amazon MP3 shop, but quite frankly Jeff B doesn't need my money. The interesting stuff appears to only be available on the modern equivalent of Factory Benelux. In the old days, that would just be an excuse to go and pester Roger Driftin'. Now? Look, I know what's going to happen if I end up in Rise Music and it's going to be expensive.

Mind, I never did get the thing about buying comics and could only be arsed with Trades.
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Why the seventies were a different planet: Mule Train.
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Exhibit A: http://webofevil.livejournal.com/704190.html

Naturally, I went in search of 'Plingplong, Blippblopp og Datamusikk'.

This is what I found. It is utter utter genius and resolutely Not Music.

(See also http://www.youtube.com/user/epo98#p/a/u/2/0quq96TA4uA which is ideal for the sort of person who finds Merzbow or Pan Sonic far too melodic to put up with.)
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Clarkson & chums (tee hee gypsies) ? Amateurs.

The only thing wrong with this car is the lack of a roof, but some wavy tin and plasming would fix that.

(It's from a film stuffed with good bits, which are unfortunately separated by some less-good bits. Although I should likely watch it again, just to be sure. There is also Dennis Hopper not exactly stretching himself.)

(It's also a film that's oddly short internet presence - I mean, you'd think the spanner-fondling webforums would be jammed with similar kit, but No Can Has it seems.)

(Although. See previous post.)
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(And then somewhat less fun with computers.They'll be lovely when they're finished)

Flexifoil + SE cameraphone. As one might guess it was in flight-mode.
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Possibly the best weblog in the world, ever: http://thrustvector.wordpress.com/

Seems like the cool kids are dissing Joy Division. We'll have none of that, thank you very much.

The interwebs are pretty snappy since half of London's suffering from over-damp string, too. Well played that fire-brigade.
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Joe 90 theme on Ukelele, Chad Valley drumkit and vintage Danelectro. Utterly rocking.

(Also storming uke versions of Blitzkrieg Bop, Guns of Navarone and Surfing Bird.)
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This is not the sort of thing one expects to find on MySpace.

Anyway. I managed to view the 3 Mustaphas 3 live exactly once, at the Victory Club in Cheltenham.

Don't go looking for it; it's not there any more. Or rather, there appears to be another Victory Club somewhere else. Perhaps this different version of the Victory Club will claim to be the original and allege that my memory is the work of pixies or drugs. I do remember a Mustaphas badge, but then I also remember a Stylophone and I can't find that, so there's no particular evidence that anything I remember actually happened or existed. Perhaps the universe is running an over-zealous garbage collection job and is removing things that it thinks I'd be better off not remembering. If so, it's doing a shit job.

Traktorsko Kolo is particularly fine, if only because it lurches into some fine DC go-go funk. (Remember that? Probably not. It was average-sized in the NME for a fortnight.)

Drop the fridge! Leave your bombs at home!
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[Poll #1476306]

Personally, I am very much digging more or less anything Michael Rother has had a hand in. The first (two) Kraftwerk LP(s) now have a lot more context, for instance.
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There's a new Treewave, um, thing.

It's very good if you like lo-fi dreampop made on 8-bit kit and dot matrix printers that sounds like Wire, Eno and MBV all at once.

If you don't like that sort of thing, then you'll be convinced it's a terrible racket, Just Not Music there's no tune you can whistle and the singers all look like girls.

(I'm sure I used the phrase 'MBV cover band that only plays 'Map reference...' the last time I mentioned them.)
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The URL gives it away a bit.

Apparently, the slightly wet chap is Famous On The Intarbets And TV and should probably be forgiven for not wearing a red shirt and black tie before boshing out a version of 'Metal on metal' and/or 'Abzug'. (Or, for serious circular reference, a version of 'He's a whore'.)

Looks like a fine toy, mind.
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You may or may not have seen the (really quite good) video-thingy boshed out by some student (I think) as a clear homage to Royksopp's 'Remind me'. It's worth delving on Youtube for both, no matter what the cloth-eared gets over at b0ing^2 think.

Anyway. The rest of the tunes on the Myspace are top quality prog-influenced chiptune malarkey. Although using the term 'chiptune' would lead one to expect lo-fi SID scree and blork, and what's there sounds like several AmigaDemos done very right. And/or the theme from 'Amegas'
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Bleedin' genius racket. Sort of a bit like Tom Ellard fronting a MBV cover-band that only want to play the version of Wire's 'Map Ref 41 N 93 W'. It's like half my favourite bands all at once.

... And it's several years old.

In the timeframe referenced in the last post, I'd have been all over this from the first time it was played at quarter-to-eleven on a wet Tuesday by Peelie, just before a Fall session track. These days, fine music seems to just fall out of the sky for free when I least expect it. On the face of it, this is a good thing, but the malcontent Peelite within (for small values of within) thinks it's all to bloody easy and can't help wondering what other gems he's missing.
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Alison, Zo, & Richard K; don't click here )
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... So you'll have to go listen to the relevant Myspace rather than pay attention to any architectural dancing that I may or may not manage.

However. That there Modulate chappie: bleedin' marvellous racket and no mistake.

There are a set of records cluttering up my house that appear impossible to play loud enough. The Orbital remix of Kinetic by Golden Girls, for instance. I found it on one of the CND 'Give peace a dance' compilations (and now there it is on the youtubes. Well^3.) Also the 'Hashishin' 12" by Astralasia and the first side of 'No sleep 'til Hammersmith'. Of course, this might all be down to the nature of the vinyl mastering process, but I suspect it much more likely that they're just really good records.

I can now add 'Detonation' to that pile. Although in trying to play the CD too loud yesterday, I discovered that the factory-fit speakers in late SAAB 9000s leave something to be desired. There's bit of all sorts in there; N-Joi, Kid606, Virus-powered eurotrance, Pan Sonic-style fun with beat frequencies and some quality breakbeat action lobbed in to confuse the synthare dancers.

It would be nice to think that there's a remixer out there with a serious Josh Wink (or Beltram) habit. I mean, just for a laugh...
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Today, I've been listening to the entirety of the last few months of XFM playlist via the magic of 'the internets' (As the young people have it.)

Dear Christ what a collection of arse. That which doesn't sound like overproduced early 80s ersatz Peel-programme (for instance, some chap or collection of chaps going by the name of 'Jack Penate' sound far too much like The Farmers Boys) sounds like overproduced mid 80s John Hughes soundtrack-fodder.

You'd think that sounding like old Peel programmes would be a good thing, but it's like consuming music-lite.

It's a bit poor when bedwetters like Kasabian are the best of the bunch.
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I've just been strangely pleased to discover my antipathy for a couple of bands/albums is as strong as ever. The noises make me feel ill. It would probably be easier to be able not to care, but that would likely mean I was mellowing with age.

It's probably down to circumstance, environment, time of decade and whatever I may have been guzzling. On the other hand... Nah, some stuff's just shite and it can piss right off.
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The last time I was 'in tahn ternite', more than one person seemed taken by the (efficient, UV reactive) re-usable earplugs I was wearing and asked me to bag them a pair the next time I ordered some.

As is the way of these things, I remembered to order a box of the things, but have forgotten who wanted a set. So, um, book yours here.

That may or may not sound somewhat un-rock&roll, but think on how often the grim cacophony of the Whitby PA has driven you back into the foyer.

Edit: These, in point of fact.


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