Feb. 3rd, 2016

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Down the road from the house, opposite what used to be the Parnall's factory where they made aircraft bits, and the stone fish which made cyclists wobble a bit, there's a row of terraced houses that follow the rise in the land toward what was a railway bridge and is now a bike-path bridge. The road gets oddly narrow there, and if the people in the terraces aren't off out doing things with their cars, there's generally a queue of car-pilots and a selection of cock-ends in Audis.

Thus it is slow progress past that terrace and one has plenty of time to look at the one or two cars that are in the way and making life hard for the people who want to go to Morrisons. One of them, which never seemed to move, is a boxy sort of Ford SUV that wasn't popular in the 90s. I can't even find the damn thing on the internet. After about six or eight second-gear trundles past the thing, I finally registered what was slightly odd about the thing.

It was packed to the roof with stuffed binbags.

A few weeks after that, I was stuck in a different queue of traffic between Cossham Hospital and Kingswood. There's not much there but a cubic suburban pub (which has since gone on fire under odd circumstances), advertising hoardings and second-hand car dealers. And a Nissan something-or-other filled half-way with binbags.

Once you start looking for them, hoarder cars are everywhere.


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