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I woke up at 3am on Friday, mildly desperate for the bog-block at the other end of our field. The roof of the tent was an odd sort of mottled cream, bellowing back and forth in the wind. The brass chandelier wasn't moving though, which was odd. I tried to recall where I'd left my boots and which pair of trousers were closest to hand, so I could pile on enough clothing not to scare any other shambling campers making for the same destination. There was something still wrong with the tent roof though. It was too far away and too rectilinear.

Then I woke up a little more and remembered I was in a room at the Columbia Hotel and the bog-block was an avocado thing about three metres away from my head.

The unconscious theme of SHA2017 was random electric vehicles.
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SHA2017 call for participation opens!
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I'm probably going to do something crap and LJ-antagonistic like post a bunch of pictures to FB that no-one outside that horrible walled attention sink can look at. And indeed that no-one inside that horrible walled attention sink will look at. Or they'll look at them and it'll be as impenetrable as livecoding music.

EMFCamp2016 was utterly cosmic, once I'd got over the lack of sleep.

The badge seems to have one of every sensor, but also seems to crash micropython for a pastime. Although that mostly seemed to be a thundering horde problem followed by a (lack of) caching one. But there's probably not enough elbow room on the board to do it right or something.

I also have a Milliways coin, which has only taken oh-god-about-a-decade-and-a-bit.

Next one: https://wiki.sha2017.org/index.php/Main_Page

If you can't wait that long: https://bornhack.dk/
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Or indeed a workshop. And hopefully a comfortable number of fine people.
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I am semi-actively considering both 'Exploiting codes-of-conduct for fun and profit' and 'Making life hard for the internet of rubbish things'
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EMFCamp2014 was an absolute blast. Hung around with splendid people, had a selection of daft ideas, drank beer and was the physical enactment of the code of conduct. (Or at least part of the team ditto.)

Now I have to sleep for a week.
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That technical thing I was struggling with in the last post? Works. :D

(Well, the test-rig behaves as expected after my usual approach to this sort of problem - do all sorts of other things for most of the day and then bash something out that looks right in five minutes...)

(This message brought to you by the National Technical Standards Board of Elbonia.)
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OHM2013 was, um, something special. Quite what it was, I'm not sure yet.

Hacker camp / drunken party / disco spaceship / lasers / Teslas / JHR talking rubbish / reallyfuckinghot / quite windy / briefly wet / remarkable sequence of daft ideas.
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You really should think about going.

Although, when I say 'go' I mean 'participate' since pottering about like a tourist means you miss two-thirds of the experience.

Oh. Wait. I wonder what a not-shit-twitter optimised for a hacker camp would look like?

Also. Someone persuade @tef to (re)submit his coding piece from EMFcamp.
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No, really. It seems I went down quite well after all...

[FX: Runs about the place with jumper pulled over head.]


Sep. 4th, 2012 04:53 pm
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Friday a bit of a run-in-circles experience because oh shit packing and oh shit finding the place and oh shit hoof tent up before speaking to nice people and oh shit speaking to nice people.
Saturday and Sunday pottering about, speaking to people and having ideas.

Nottingham Hackspace are really quite organised.

Utterly lovely to bump into the unusual suspects.

Con swag: A badge. Fully programmable, several LEDs (which are shit-my-eyes bright) IR in and out, 2.4GHz near-field in and out. I have just been furtling with the demo-code and it looks like all sorts of fun.

Something of a C21st change from the usual lump of cardboard with your name on stuffed into a plastic thingy from the office shop.

[The BBC version]
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I am totally digging the pre-release uploads to the Youtubes from 23c3.

CDorctorow's thing about the war on general-purpose computing was jolly good. Meredith Patterson on (over) complex protocols and Weird Machines made my brain hurt in an 'oh lord that's a plot for a good story'. Bup looks like an interesting thing, I can't find the Kaminsky talk and it seems from the twitters that a lightning talk on depression resonated with an awful lot of people.

I probably don't go on enough about hackery and what it means to me.

[Later: If you have a HP Laserjet, you should really update your firmware right now. I am watching a nice chap remote r00t one and install a shell that'll tunnel outbound through your firewall. Just by printing a document with a firmware update attached. And once that printer's been r00ted, it can be used as a base of operations for cracking the rest of the kit on your internal LAN.]

[Later still: An excellent video about CCCamp 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqFDnW2eCnM ]

(When did I get quite so careful about having my braces match?)
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Hackathon! Humppa! RMS is a twat!


Dec. 30th, 2010 11:40 pm
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... Looks to have been a bit of a stormer.

Here's the list of talks.

Here's the list of mirrors for video download.

Rop's keynote is well worth the half-hour. He's right about Wikileaks, Anonymous and Defcon, and is just a good chap. Text version here.

Other stuff I shall be viewing when it gets encoded and uploaded:

Contemporary Profiling of Web Users
Recent advances in IPv6 insecurities
Spinning the electronic Wheel. Still the bicycles for the 21th century
File -> Print -> Electronics. A new circuit board printer will liberate you from the Arduino-Industrial Complex
"The Concert". A disconcerting moment for free culture
High-speed high-security cryptography: encrypting and authenticating the whole Internet (DJB!)
The Baseband Apocalypse
Data Recovery Techniques
Secure communications below the hearing threshold. Improved approaches for auditive steganography
Cognitive Psychology for Hackers. Bugs, exploits, and occasional patches

... And loads more. I am sad to have missed this one, but it would have required more organisation and a different rest-of-the-year.

I don't do new year resolutions, but if I were going to it would be 'write some code for an open source project'. Rop, as usual, is an inspirational sort of fellow.
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Feat. Rop G. and Wim V. explaining what it's about and why it's good.
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It's on: http://events.ccc.de/2007/01/24/chaos-communication-camp-2007/

Handy for this: http://www.luftfahrtmuseum-finowfurt.de/museum.htm

I think a small round of 'Oh fuck yes' is in order.
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Now with hot CC/Paypal action. Oh dear oh dear.


Feb. 24th, 2006 04:30 pm
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A new Eläkeläiset album.With mp3 samples.

The Madonna and Kylie covers are especially inspired. And the Cardigans. And Cameo. Rock!

Lord knows about the rest. I'm not up on this modern music.


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