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1. Your reaction to a quiz on the internet is to mansplain away why it can't possibly apply to you.
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Since I pay as little attention to the polis as possible, I've not noticed them getting younger.

What is a sign of increasing age is that electronic components are getting smaller.

Microphone elements used to be about the same diameter as an AA battery. Now that most of them seem to be used in mobile phones, they're about the same size as a vitamin-D tab.

Since I had to order £20 quid of bits from Farnell, I also ended up with an Arduino Mini. Which is, unsurprisingly, quite small.

I should probably go fiddle with EF86s and 2N3055s in TO3 packages.
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Interesting time at the model engineering exhibition.


I've gone on before about not being entirely sure if I hold with SAD or not. I don't actually think SAD gives a damn about what I think and turns up anyway to give me a wallop round the back of my head. I thought it was just me being an unwilling townie that meant I tried not to think about the days getting shorter on or about June the 21st or that I was the only one for whom autumn = despair. (Really, autumn's just autumn. The 'oh shit here we go again' grim pit of horror is recently learned behaviour)

The thing is that it is genuinely bloody awful, and I'm only half-joking when I burble on about wintering somewhere warmer with more daylight. The other thing is that I thought it was just me having a proper plumb of the depths there. (I also wish I'd written this a day ago when that conversation was fresh in my head.)
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There must be some magic switch inside computers that makes them utterly incapable of doing whatever it is that your parent(s) require.

There must be some magic switch inside me that makes me utterly incapable of making a computer do whatever it is that my parent(s) require.

Actually, if you've difficulty making out squitty icons and nasty fonts on a screen, and you've got the hand/eye co-ordination required to use a mouse, because, well, why would you, then modern computing really isn't for you.

Christ, but my industry's run by and for a complete shower of smug, ableist tossers.
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Dear nice people in bands.

You were probably keeping the existence of 'road worn' guitars from me because you knew I'd go off on one and/or jabber randomly about (post)modernist theory. I'm sure your intention was good, but the Koons-style cat is out of the Fendi (probably. It would be a bad idea to try to make me care.) knockoff bag.

For Fuck's Sake. When I were a lad and had ambitions of a semi-musical noisemongering nature, the entire point of buying a new guitar from the shop was that it was shiny and new and didn't smell of beer and sweat and the inside of rusty vans yet. You played the thing lots and after a while you worked out how to get filthy noises out of it and over time you and the guitar left scars on each other that actually meant something.

There was, if you will, a long period of becoming.

Now you can buy guitars that are more-or-less identically pre-knackered at the factory. There is no becoming or experience, there's just some manner of ersatz is-ness that you buy in the same way you buy 'authentic' coffee or 'authentic' 'ring-spun' 'pre-worn' jeans.

I guess it's just another example of the commodification and marketing of alleged rebellion. I can't say I'm surprised.

(Is this what I'm going to be doing for all of 2011? )
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Car rental in the US: quoted cost - $175. Actual cost - $400.

Van rental in the UK: quoted cost- £400. Actual cost - £400.

(I haven't rented a car in this country for about a decade, but I am tolerably sure that the cost doesn't more than double.)
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Dear media, when you call Cannabis 'pot', it makes you sound exactly as relevant to the 21st century as Hugh Hefner.

Still, if the public perception of those in positions of alleged informational authority is that they're a hopeless shower of bastards, then that's probably a good thing.
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(Probably also s of the t that I have written before)

When you can no longer read screens without peering at the things like a wanking tortoise, go and get your head and neck thoroughly massaged. Then you will be able to focus, both mentally and physically.

I'll bet it's done my eyeball pressure some good, too.
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Dear Facebook types.

One or other of you has managed to catch The Pox on whatever it is you use to connect to FB.

FB messages containing the subject 'All the best' and (in my case, anyway) a link to www.mmilimetr.republika.pl (don't be a clever-bollocks and follow that unless you're running a unix box and some javascript debugger) are well bogus.

As I regularly point out, your Facebook/LJ/whatever accounts are exactly as secure as the weakest password on your friendslist, l33tspeak passwords are as easy to crack as efforts of the order of 'password69', and you can guarantee that as soon as some grotty PHP-fiddler has your email address and a password, they're going to try it on Paypal.

'Noscript' is a jolly nice bolt-on for Firefox.

FB certainly used to have a password-quality meter.


Dec. 26th, 2009 01:38 pm
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Dear feckwit alleged religious alleged nutter. Air travel is tiresome enough. Now it'll be entirely impossible to fly to the US without getting yr arse inspected. Unless you're white and American of course. Mind, it sounds like some Dutch geezer went all Smeato and jumped up and down on your head in order to 'put the fire out'. Quality work there.

I didn't realise that 419s were paying for shit terrorism.

Dear BBC. 'Kees' is pronounced 'Case' you useless quasi-imperialist tossbags. Still, yer man's accent made me go all nostalgic.

That revolving present-thing on the BBC weather? I thought it was a power-up at first.
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I don't remember how I found this one. Only that I could stand to read about three pages before the urge to put my head in the oven too strong to resist.

Luckily (or not, depending on mood) we have an electric oven, so it all got a bit Neil The Hippy.

In the main, the recent trend of 'customer is always wrong','bitter waitress','texts from last night','postsecret' and the like are good for ten minutes while something compiles. Windows onto different worlds, if you will.

I'm also all for a bit of dark humour.

That thing though? Pretty much everything that's wrong with people in handy paragraphs. Not in a 'oh noes lol drawmah' sense, but something unexpectedly soul-deadening.
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There are days when every decision is the wrong one.

Where do I go for lunch? Should I let that other car out of the side-turning or will the oncoming traffic get in the way? How do I explain to someone that while what they want is technically possible, it would quickly turn into a fragile and poorly-documented tissue of hacks?

... After a while, you start to second-guess yourself. The first idea has been turning out wrong, so drop that and go for the non-obvious option instead. Wrong.

Then you start to second-guess the second-guessing.

You are trapped in a maze of complex decision-trees, all different.
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You know, I'm now rather glad I didn't waste any dollar on going to see 'Sunshine'.

It's like a mob of useless tossers, but in space. With a broken plot.

Edit: [livejournal.com profile] dyllanne nailed it quite some time ago. I believe that film should be shown to systems architects and DR people as part of the hiring process. If they can't spot at least ten things wrong, you probably want to avoid them.

Which reminds me. Years ago, I jabbered randomly about 'Comp.risks: The Movie'. That film would be 'Sunshine'.
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While I generally agree with the aims and aspirations of the Cats Protection Mob...

... Cos accidents do 'appen, don't they, mush? I mean, looka dat vase. Musta cost a few bob, right? Be a terrible shame if anyfink 'appened to it, etc...

Anyway. Where was I? Oh, right.

So there are posters throughout all[1] the railway stations I've visited with An Cat staring out at you...

Viz: )

As any fule no, this is entirely incorrect and the massed ranks of cat protection agents would be well served in bucking their ideas up quick-smart in order to avoid being laughed at by tiresome people in ironic trilby hats.

To save them all sorts of trouble, I've fixed their poster for them:

As if you couldn't work it out for yourselves... )

[1] A small sample admittedly.
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Those of you who've braved the M25 forcefield will know that most of the flooring at Squalid Acres is nasty brown crapet. The hall needs sorting out properly, and it seems to me that the only vaguely sensible answer is some flavour of not-crapet.

I think sanding back to the bare boards is out since that'll echo like hell. I'm personally un-keen on laminate because it's going to have to butt up against real floorboards at the door to the front room, and that'll look odd. There's vinyl off a roll like we've got in the decontamination suite, vinyl tiles or Proper Lino.

The tiles and the lino are about the same sort of money, and while the patterns from the mad and tread-plate end of the big book of vinyl tiles are very tempting, the lino is winning.

Unless anyone else has a better idea.

If my posts are echoing, it's because they're coming from a stupidly large HD that I'll never manage to fill. Not unlike the previous two stupidly large HDs that I was never going to fill. Until I did. This one's five times the size of the previous example and I think was twenty quid less. Mad. Of course I had to change the m/b at the same time, which is nice in a kind of much quieter and at least four times the horsepower of t'other way.

Windows RAID is a bit shonky, isn't it?
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Sithee. 'appen. Etc.
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Dear Guardian/Observer

If your execrable weblogging c0dez hadn't been broken as designed, you wouldn't have this problem.

I would imagine that the thinking parts of teh internets have been trying to tell you that this is a solved problem 'til they're blue in the face, but your sort of wooly liberal probably likes daily proof that the lumpenproletariat are a horrid bunch so you can have some public hand-wringing and feel superior.

Of course, you can't fix social problems with code, but you could, I don't know, demonstrate some minor understanding of the problem-space.

Sort it the fuck out, there's a love.
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Via the splendid Ken MacLeod (an ever-correct and iron-forged weapon in the hands of progressive peoples everywhere), we find this. It makes my brains hurt and I understand about two-thirds of it, but that which I do understand surprises me not at all.

Still feel repulsive. Bugger.
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Does anyone really, truly believe this is news?

If you do, I suggest the following:

Pelting about the place with handfuls of sharp objects may prove unfortunate in the short term.

If it's raining, you may want to consider donning waterproof clothing before venturing outside.

If your chest hurts and you are tired, try relaxing the muscles in that area. Remember: breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

I mean, ever since hard drives have been going wrong, there have been technicians making them work again and then having a quick grovel across the surfaces for anything useful, entertaining or incriminating.


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