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The nice middle-class bus in from the P&R was filled (actually filled) with people who looked like they'd never used a bus before.

It was like I'd turned up on a day of the week that was only used by the random people and I expected them to start staring at the stranger who should never have woken up on Jovesday morning.

Work has not yet convinced me that I'm wrong.

Which of you simulacra is now going to try to tell me that Jovesday doesn't exist while phoning the authorities?

The Jovesday people were back in force again this afternoon. Queueing for the bus at the wrong time like they were going to a theatre hidden behind the electric car chargers and city-bike stand on the edge of the car-park where Bath stops. The bumped against me like cows, not expecting me to be quite real. And yet there I was.

I feel vaguely guilty about 'ruining' tools, but I have bought a cheap and nasty screwdriver and filed a slot in the blade, so I can open electrical goods and repair them like the sort of person who has a shed filled with things that will come in handy one day.

There's a house opposite with a couple of pallets in the front garden. I am very strongly tempted to ask the nice people if they have plans for them.

I also found a whole pile of scratty phonecam pics that never made it to any sort of bolog. I should bolog them and then they will have meaning.

Date: 2017-05-03 10:15 pm (UTC)
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Blag the pallets. If you don't, I will


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