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I don't even know that this is a good idea. Which currently seems to be something of a theme.

I imagine later there will be crossposting. What larks!
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"Leader Vectron!"

"Yes, lad?"

"There's a universe. I mean, you wanted to know when beings in a universe discovered the Great Dimensional Truth, and..."

"I did. I said that. Out loud, with my voice and everything. Go on, lad. What about this universe then?"

"It's a strange one. It's filled with gamma-ray bursters, so there's only one planet with life on it. Here, see?"

"The blue-green one on the western spiral arm of that galaxy?"

"That's the one. There's just one thing, though..."

"What? They must be a lonely bunch. No other beings to share their great discovery. They'll fall upon themselves if we don't make contact."


"What is it lad? Spit it out."

"... They use it to manage files."

"They do what with what?"

"The Great Dimensional Truth. They use it. On computers. For text. They don't know what it is."



"The horrible, horrible bastards. They can sit on their blue-green planet and bloody whistle then. Fuck the lot of them. Actually, can you spin up a few more bursters? That'll learn 'em."
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The demo code does talk to a PC. A small hurrah for not chucking out the homebrew gender-changer (RS232 only, sadly) and a length of serial cable liberated from HPL.

Does anyone else do the pliers-and-elastic-band trick as a seriously portable alternative to a bench vice?

There now follows a brief slideshow.

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AVR board turned up last week. PCB-jumper connectors and breadboard today.

I believe my soldering-iron is about thirty years old. New-fangled solder smells about the same as the old stuff and I still appear to be able to make things stick together without melting.

Of course I've lost my old breadboard, medium box of useful components, spare set of 'scope probes, Interfaker... On the other hand, a PC wiring-loom can be harvested to provide a variety of useful connectors with lengths of wire attached.

I really do need the Interfaker though. Unless the demo code talks to a PC. I think perhaps it does.
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Once again, submissions for Viable Paradise are open. You can follow the link as well as I can, but it's a week long SF/F writing workshop and an absolutely marvellous time from start to finish. It'll change your life if you let it.

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It's one small step for man, but not a bad ending for Stephenson. Poldhu cove yesterday, Porthcurno today.
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We wander out of the Bill Bailey gig to find Ilfracombe youth having it average behind the pitch and putt. A seaside upbringing doesn't even have the cachet of a country one, it seems.
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I'm sure there's a better way of doing this.


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