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I am really quite tired because sleep appears to be for other people, but I am strangely energised having spent an hour or so slicing up the cardboard box mountain in the garage. Thus far the oldest packing note I have found is from 2008, which isn't really big or clever. It has taken me a while to beard this particular den/lion combination (It is Easter, so you can have a KJV reference and like it.) and it is going to be something of a process since we live in a town and you can't just haul stuff out into a pile and set light to it.

Now to dispose of a stack of flat screens (dead), Dell servers (ditto), hairdryers (again) and kettles. Just the sort of things your average hacker/goth wears out regularly.

This is also a test of IFTTT/DW malarkey.
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Last of the current set. Features lack of focus due to mixing beer and patent cold-cures, disturbing yet naturalistic pictures of drunk people, scaffolding and the end of the world (telecoms version).
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I may be slightly drunk.
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That was really rather interesting. Managed not to buy a metric fucktonne of books, tested some fine ale, mostly didn't jabber like an idiot in the presence of Professionals.
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JGB on Modernism (via the splendid types at Electrolite). The rest of the Guardian articles about Modernism are worth the read, too.

Women's Spatial Acuity Improved By Videogame. (via bOing^2). Good. For one reason or another, 'Raise' by Bocca Juniors is playing in my head.
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The music for that effing Becks advert with the blokes is stuck in my head. It sounds like someone trying to be Wire.

I'll bet it tastes as repulsive as normal Becks, too. How do the industrial brewers manage to make all the lager you can find in this country so horrible? They must try really hard to find extra tat to shovel in so as to ensure a righteous hangover.

I mean, if I want a startlingly bad head and a worse arse, I'll go and find a Donnington pub rather than some trendy-yop bar.
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"Mildly disturbing, our Maurice."

(But written by Alan Plater? By 'ell.)
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So far this weekend, I have cut up beer cans to make padlock shims, violently pruned the shrubs in the front of the house and thus generated several bags of green waste, found more padlocks, fettled the bicycle, cracked & trained some CDs, pottered through parts of the 'Learn writing with Uncle Jim thread' and studiously avoided transcribing the finish of the Diner Thing.

Edit: ... And bought another car (9000 CSE. Auto, leather, aircon, LPT, good history)

If you'll excuse me, I'll just go to the shed for the tin bucket of cat-wax...
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I keep forgetting to write this down (more grist to the mill of my assertion, I fear) but it strikes me that far from being a 'base/mid-layer with full zip and pilling-resistant (Suuure...) TKA100 microfleece with excellent wicking properties, your average TNF|Tog20|Haglofs|MH fleece is the sartorial equivalent of a woolly cardie.

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