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I am really quite tired because sleep appears to be for other people, but I am strangely energised having spent an hour or so slicing up the cardboard box mountain in the garage. Thus far the oldest packing note I have found is from 2008, which isn't really big or clever. It has taken me a while to beard this particular den/lion combination (It is Easter, so you can have a KJV reference and like it.) and it is going to be something of a process since we live in a town and you can't just haul stuff out into a pile and set light to it.

Now to dispose of a stack of flat screens (dead), Dell servers (ditto), hairdryers (again) and kettles. Just the sort of things your average hacker/goth wears out regularly.

This is also a test of IFTTT/DW malarkey.

Date: 2017-04-15 09:23 am (UTC)
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It is probably good for us that we don't have out of the way storage space for things like packing materials. Occasionally this leads to someone chucking out something I'd have kept for a little longer (most recently, the box for the new toaster, which is working fine but does smell of burnt toast a lot more than it should, and I'd been toying with whether to take it back, when I found the rain sodden box by the bin). But mostly, it avoids us keeping stuff we are really not going to need.

Large boxes big enough to hold a child, on the other hand, go up to E's room for as long as he can hold us off for.



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