May. 10th, 2016

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I'm still having it bus across Bath because the Bridge on the River Wye Avon still seems to be (w)inching its way from the new developments where there was a crane factory and a gasworks, towards the recycling centre and what looks like quite a nice boozer opposite Victoria Park.

'Park and Ride' should replace the 'Bump and Grind' bits here.

Although that track is nowhere near as good as this one, which is the sort of unhinged racket that all music should aspire to become. Mind, even the alleged HD version is missing half the bass. You'll just have to find the vinyl (and preferably the single-sided 12" like what I have) to get the full benefit.

I wonder when that sort of thing will become dadrock and be part of a Top Gear compilation? It's nearly thirty years old, which is mildly depressing and really quite cheerful and the same time.

Anyway. Victoria Park. As the bus drew level with the play area below the half-pipes, I noticed that the child playing in the Wendy-Bus (It's like a wendy house, but it's a bus. Which exactly the sort of not-very subliminal message we should be sending to the very young - you should live in a bus, then you could drive places with your friends and have adventures. And then fight a pitched battle against the agents of state repression). However, this child was wearing hi-viz, which seemed a little over-protective. Then I spotted a different child in hi-viz joyriding a mini-digger. At which point it became obvious that they were the Children of the Council, which is like 'The children of the stones' but more municipal.

They should totally have a play area with mini-diggers though. It wouldn't be any more dangerous than boat-rental on Pitville (or was it Sandford?) pond, and it would teach the very young useful skills in re. construction and diesel fitting, which would also come in handy when piloting the wendy bus.

'Piloting the wendy bus' sounds only mildly wrong.

Some time later, I fell into conversation with a chap selling the Big Issue. He was at pains to point out that he wasn't homeless, he just didn't fancy living in one. And once he'd sold me my copy, he was going to potter back out to the countryside with his pack and set up camp so he could enjoy the countryside and think about his place in the world.

"Every day, you should ask yourself who you are and what you're doing there," he told me. I allowed as how some might consider that a threat and spend their lives avoiding that sort of question. He gave me a look which probably translated as 'If that's you, then you should stop that real soon now.'

I'm only half convinced that last encounter actually happened.

After that, I had to unblock a drain. I totally felt like my dad.


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