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Tidying the outside (or at least the bit of outside that the bank considers I mostly own) continues. If not apace, then at least awalk or apotter.

After the excitement of Fire! yesterday, there was putting the remains of the fire in the composter, putting some other stuff in the composter, weeding round the bottom of the near end of the clothes line and then realising that that the near end of the clothes line was only upright through rust and rotten wood holding hands.

First port of call - http://u-bolts-r-us.co.uk (An actual website, m'lud) who didn't keep V-bolts.

Second port of call - Blakes of Sheffield. I was tempted to order seven things because it's Eastercon in the other window.

N-th port of call, sparky fun machine shop because swearing away at a rusty bolt with a Junior hacksaw will be less than no fun. Also, angle-grinder.
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[ Antipeel because he was of the opinion that you shouldn't try to analyse why you like a record. ]
[ Note that I am probably talking complete shite here. ]

For the first time in for-fucking-ever I was subjected to a lot of MeTaL through a decent PA at the weekend. Thus, unlike all previous occasions, I could actually hear what was going on, and since I was the far side of a welcome pint of 6X I was really quite pleased with the entire experience and began to wonder what it was about certain tracks over others that I preferred. I still have no particular idea, and I have a set of (entirely subjective) observations and more questions than I started out with.

The first thing I thought was that the massive headrush and idiot grin that is a feature upon hearing some massive filter-swept eurotrance belter kicking an arpeggiator to death (I don't know, something like the Spicelab mix of Thunderdome) is missing from my MeTaL experience. Perhaps that is just me? I don't know.

Obviously it seemed a bit one-dimensional to assume that rush is missing for everyone, although I guess it's a possibility that the rush is just a memory of, er, alleged ceremonial chemicals.

This started me wondering if there were any MeTaL(ish) records that would have a similar effect. There are: 'Whole lot of Rosie' & 'I want everything' spring to mind. Massive guitar riffs that spend most of their time nailed to the beat rather than having it all widdle. And a big handful of phaser. (I think 'Let's go crazy' also fits in to this, but I have no way of checking and have to go by memory.)

So I guess the main question is what the bloody hell am I talking about?

I would also mention that one track came off like Tack>>head having it proper dubstep (not the bloody Skrillex version) and sounded bloody marvellous. Lord alone knows what it was, mind. Not even slightly INDUSTRAIL(tm) thankfully.
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Excellent idea. (From here via the supercharged and fuel-injected [livejournal.com profile] andrewducker)

In an effort to head off the jokes about Ikea furniture being complicated to assemble, I should point out that it's been pretty trivial for me. The Sunday whinings from various Pollys Filla rub me up the wrong way, but then being completely useless does seem to be a positive career move vis-a-vis the ruling elite, so I can see that their shoeshine boys might want to cargo-cult that mindset.
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A sequence of commentary to a recent post (which has now wandered off into rat-fetish soap opera. Thankfully I don't watch anything like enough telly for it to make sense) reminded me that many things that are clearly considered funny by the majority, are in fact deeply depressing.

'Open all hours' for instance, is a grim Existentialist parable in which an everyman struggles with his nature and the oppressive urban environment in which he finds himself. There is no progress or escape from the futility of his existence and to watch an episode is to experience a half-hour bolt of despair at the human condition.

'Last of the summer wine' isn't as soul-destroying. 'Andy Capp' is far worse.


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