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I am really quite tired because sleep appears to be for other people, but I am strangely energised having spent an hour or so slicing up the cardboard box mountain in the garage. Thus far the oldest packing note I have found is from 2008, which isn't really big or clever. It has taken me a while to beard this particular den/lion combination (It is Easter, so you can have a KJV reference and like it.) and it is going to be something of a process since we live in a town and you can't just haul stuff out into a pile and set light to it.

Now to dispose of a stack of flat screens (dead), Dell servers (ditto), hairdryers (again) and kettles. Just the sort of things your average hacker/goth wears out regularly.

This is also a test of IFTTT/DW malarkey.
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Worse than being the sort of chap who has to buy his own furniture, I am now the sort of chap who has to go and buy soil from a shop. The shame.

On balance, I think I prefer Confluence. Release early, release often, run an ad-blocker.

It would be wrong of me to hope that yon rubbish NY alleged bomber(s) turn(s) out to be linked to the frigging idiot tea-bothering mob, wouldn't it?
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(Via ML)

I believe that Geiger counters are about to become the must-have fashion accessory for the sensible steampunk-about-town.


Radioactive watch parts.
Mind, glowing in the dark could be handy when staggering back trousered to yr B&B. (although we is all well middle-class now isn't it, so it's going to be a cottage instead.)
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  • I can't tell the difference between a vial of deuterium heavy water and a vial of water.

  • ... And I really want a Geiger counter.

  • The museum of victorian science is seriously worth a visit.

  • Should have bought the DJ Scandy album as well.

  • [livejournal.com profile] boglin == The combat Strawberry Switchblade.

  • Vast steak w/fish sauce. Shouldn't have worked. Did. OMFNom. (Moon + Sixpence)

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i) Go vote for that [livejournal.com profile] deathboy fellow. He's up against some frankly terrible sorts and needs an injection of good old British spunk.

ii) Through a set of rather odd circumstances, I've got two Saabs. Again. Or perhaps none. They are locked in a large box with an old Kraftwerk record and I smoke a pipe at them while pacing the drawing room. Or was it drawing the pacing room? Who can say.

To quote the estimable Carcoat Damphands, "Run up it the basket at an onion over six briskets. The Gary nearly grips his biscuits. Slapped down the Aspel at five Rollins, lovely touch, smells firm, meet his mum at 17 weasels. I’m simply dying to see your new conservatory extension. Sturdy."

You can't say fairer than that, can you?
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Our arrival in Leeds was marked by six riot vans packed with huge blokes in crash helmets. They kept the surly crowd in Cafe Nero at bay while we scarpered into Wagamama's. (My bank's now a once-trendy non-destinational eating experience)

There may also have been somewhat random SMSing on the subject of Leeds town hall. Go4 fanboying.

Jabbered randomly at [livejournal.com profile] nalsa for long enough to miss two bands. Architecture, morality, Hazell Dean. The usual sort of thing. Mind, there was an open fire, imposing architecture and the staff brought the beer to the sofa. All very fine.

Pitched up at Leeds Met just in time to get the beer in and view James Ray. I may have heckled somewhat geekily. As usual, he and his co-conspirators got off to a shaky start but pulled it all together in the final furlongs. Much more like that, please.

The March Violets were startlingly good. I should probably email them and say so.

It was also f-ing top hole to see people out. I may or may not have managed to communicate this fact.

I would also like to live in a country where I'm not surprised when the railway system works, the trains run on time and the staff are cheery and knowledgeable sorts. As in 'Getting there and back via the magic of XC and East Midlands Railways (I think. Pale blue 80s stock) was tolerably pleasant and trouble-free'. Watching the sunlight wander across the Malverns as the train rocketed down towards Cheltenham Spa was a lot more fun than thrashing down the M-thing through the grubby spray from a myriad white vans and poorly-driven 4x4s .
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Reportedly too good to be Lomography. Well, this lot should make a lie of that (rather pleasing, in point of fact) statement.


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