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As seems to have become standard (Standard. Isn't it.) these days, a great wedge of my non-technical internet wanderings seems to concern some part of the internet telling another part of the internet what a terrible set of people it is. If people could actually construct arguments and/or not hold on to strange quasi-religious beliefs in either sky-based progenitors, sky-based printing presses or wilful misunderstandings of what may (or may not) be 'science' without resorting to meta-arguments, wilful misunderstandings of common Latin phrases, wilful misunderstandings of common English phrases or just being bloody rules lawyers, then it would only be about as awful as Usenet in some virtual October-state.

One of these things concerned a chap who habitually pottered about who-knows-where but I imagine .ca.us while wearing nailie. Apparently he was in receipt of some measure of disapprobation from a sample of teens. Now, obviously, expecting anything other than views flying quite close to those of the Fucking Illinois Nazi Party from the modern teen is a bit of a waste of time, because they are by and large horrible little fucks festering with hormones and opinions. Equally obviously I had a bit of a meander to myself about how terrible this all was because making some spotty oiks question their gender assumptions is hardly going to bring any society to its knees. (And if there were some danger of that sort of thing happening, it would be a rubbish sort of society that had been carelessly boshed up by feckin' cowboys bloody hell look at the state of that it'll all have to come out I dunno you can't get the parts these days can you)

It was about this point that I remembered I was the sort of person who didn't have to experience his outrage through the internet and I could just as easily experience some of this society-based knee trembling on my own.

Thus blue nailie and nothing exciting happened, apart from someone going 'Oh, good colour!'.

What can I say, I'm a bloke and my nail varnish matches my car. Cars, since I've been driving Justyn's spare 9000 while he's had mine in bits.

Last night I got mine back and cor bloody hell it feels so much better with a working clutch. While it was in bits it seemed a good idea to get the (seriously, it transpires) leaky heater matrix swapped too. It's only a minor shame that the dodgy looking hose-clip at the bottom of the rad that Justyn warned me about did indeed let go. A good job I didn't want to go anywhere today, and an only mildly embarrassing slick of coolant halfway up the street...

Most of the reason for not wanting to go anywhere revolves around a sequence of migraines. Because I am having fun with poking computers with a stick, I don't really want to stare into space for a couple of days at a time while my brain comes back down to operating temperature. One of these days I will learn that Bastardos, angry god of migraines, will have his tithe. However, thinking is not usually my thing when in that sort of a state.

That's a pity, because I have lashed up the sort of thing that only $current-employers would ever want out of minimal documentation, alpha code and hipster components.

A thing that the SEO people like quite a lot is to 301/302 redirect URLs and the results of searches onto other URLs because, I don't know. I really don't know. There just seems to be hand-waving and angry statements about my poor attitude when I ask. Perhaps I should leave out phrases like 'complete waste of my time'?

Anyway. I dunno how other people manage this sort of thing, but the local answer is huge and ugly config files containing huge lookup tables and ugly PHP. When I discovered that there was a project to embed a minimal Ruby interpreter as a(n) Nginx module, and that it came with a Redis gem, the answer was a gleefully malevolent hacking session. And, yeah, other in-memory key-value stores are available, as are semi-native Nginx modules to take advantage of same. However, I defy anyone to make sense of them.

Actually, I defy anyone to make sense of this.
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Quatermass and the Pit plot appears to be substantially true. Nation to commence hopping, genocide, attaching HT to tower cranes.

Stroke-like lesions in the brains of migraine sufferers you say? Good heavens. The very idea. Etc. LSD made available for those affected? More chance of growing one.
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Dear Faceache-person

No I do not want a free Ipad and I'm certainly not going to follow any faceache-mangled and malware-shortened link to same.

Change your passwords, you've been 0wned.
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Dear Guardian/Observer

If your execrable weblogging c0dez hadn't been broken as designed, you wouldn't have this problem.

I would imagine that the thinking parts of teh internets have been trying to tell you that this is a solved problem 'til they're blue in the face, but your sort of wooly liberal probably likes daily proof that the lumpenproletariat are a horrid bunch so you can have some public hand-wringing and feel superior.

Of course, you can't fix social problems with code, but you could, I don't know, demonstrate some minor understanding of the problem-space.

Sort it the fuck out, there's a love.
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You daft pillock, H-R.


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