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This is Eben Upton explaining why he/they created the Raspberry Pi.

What I'd not realised is that the number of people in the spod trades who're actually, y'know, any bloody use at all has dropped like a rock.

I guess this is quite handy in re. my continued employment because there aren't any hungry young graduates who can do it better and cheaper.

Weird. Maybe I'm about to be a lamp-lighter or buggy-whip maker?
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I haven't looked too hard at the online meejah hoopla over the Megaupload business, but my instant reaction was 'Oh fuck it's Kimble again' followed by 'They really were taking the piss, weren't they?'

It would have been a simple narrative if they'd been a plucky band of ideologically-sound scruffy hacker types running Linux boxes rescued from the skips behind merchant banks in some bender-housed eco-co-lo powered by vegetarian wind and the tears of orphaned seal pups. Well, simple narrative and tedious sentence construction. Then the various b0ings and Orlowski-antagonist fellow travellers would have been moderately justified in their 'sticking it to the man' handle-cranking.

I could kinda-sorta see scope for a future in a Howard Marks -style touring of the stations of the middle-class - Hay on Wye, Edinburgh and Cheltenham festivals - talking up a book for an audience who've no clue about the mechanics of the job, but who have their own oddly romantic ideas about it. However, it's Kimble, and I think he's too much of a bell-end to get away with something like that.

A technical audience would just want to hand out a shoeing. Partly because there ought to be some sanction for being an arrogant dickhead, partly for working out how to monetise a free FTP server. I mean, it's something everyone who's run servers for a while knows: people will deliver pr0n and war3z to your door if you give them even half a chance. It's like some batshit cargo-cult method of propitiating the spirits of the Internet.

I guess that's the question I have, though - what on earth did they do in order to end up with Pablo Escobar levels of cash lying about the place? I mean, was it some demented ball-pit of $100 bills or did they have a complicated machine to glue the things together so they were big enough for arse-wiping duty?

The other thing in my head is a half-formed ramble about Big Content buying their DVDs from the same shop that the polis get their drugs. You'll note that the news reports generally contain information that 'yea-many pills have been seized with a street value of dear-lord-how-much', which always used to make a chap shake his head in wonder when he did the maths.

It will also be interesting to see if the tiresome buggers report a similar rise in revenue in yea-many quarters time. I'll not be holding my breath though.
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Wandered off to the alleged entertainment barn for the homoerotic steampunk Sherlock film, which was only slightly incoherent. It's probably just me, but the motion blur or shit bandwidth digital buggeration drove me up the wall. The sequence where they were steaming across Yurp by means of nag was particularly tiresome. Whenever the set of them pelted across the frame, which they did a lot, you could sort of see a horse-shape that would have made Muybridge swear a lot and check his equipment, and a sort of a crap squiggle that looked and moved like the player character in the Spectrum version of Manic Miner.

If this is alleged progress to some sort of digitally-based ideal, then it's shit and I want no part of it. But then that's the magic of computers all over - there's at least a decade of them being utterly hopeless and it being a wonder that whatever-it-is works at all, before someone comes along and makes them work properly. Hopefully at the same time putting the existing set of shysters and apologists out of business.

Speaking of which, Small Brother lent Ma his Ipad (iPad? ipAd? ipaD? Whichever) and she wouldn't let him have it back, so he went and blagged a free one. I'm glad that's finally sorted and she's found a machine she likes.
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Exhibit A: http://webofevil.livejournal.com/704190.html

Naturally, I went in search of 'Plingplong, Blippblopp og Datamusikk'.

This is what I found. It is utter utter genius and resolutely Not Music.

(See also http://www.youtube.com/user/epo98#p/a/u/2/0quq96TA4uA which is ideal for the sort of person who finds Merzbow or Pan Sonic far too melodic to put up with.)
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I am oddly enthusiastic about the code-bothering possibilities in some enterprise Java middleware. God help all who sail in her.

(The configuration of same is a right lash-up and XML is still the work of satan, mind.)
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I mean, absolutely eleven out of ten and then some to the young woman for working out what she was going to be very early on and then doing it lots until it paid off.

Does this invalidate anything that one might have absorbed at, say, VP?


Note that her advice includes editing like a demon and even then there will be bugs in it (Which will turn out to be shallow ones given the number of eyes on that source-code). Also that beetling off to speak nicely to the types who write weblogs about books is a good thing. That would likely fill me with fear and loathing, but since it's not actually relevant there's little point worrying about it.

(Money still flows toward the author, it's just no bloody use sitting there and expecting really hard. Or expectorating. Best move to the financial equivalent of Tewkesbury and buy galoshes. This is the only time I'm going to advocate moving there, mind.)
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Do you suppose that there's any documentation covering the interaction of Samba, AD and Kerberos other than the usual Linux pish of 'Do this, do this other thing, magic happens, profit!' ?

I don't.

(Clearly I need a usericon that means 'Rochambeau Linux weenies' and 'I am already running several proper operating systems.')
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For a laugh (FAVO 'laugh'), I've bagged myself a block of IPv6 addresses and a 6-over-4 tunnel from Hurricane Electric. It's mostly disturbingly simple.


See, IPv6 will autoconfig on hosts. (ie, things that are not routers, which do packet-forwarding) Thus the XP box and the Macbook have both managed Neighbour Discovery and picked up address (2001:470:1f09:49f:adae:80d7:afbc:66cc, for instance) and default route from the BSD box. However, all the docs say to config your outside interface as the tunnel endpoint (obv) and the internal one as where the route-advertisment daemon lives (obv also). Which is fine, but since the BSD box is a router, it won't autoconfig and the internal interface ends up with a link-local address which it hands out as default route. This is non-optimal.

I'd best hand-config that internal interface. Then I can start with the Scally DNS. (cos it's all AAAA records, innit?)

(It's IP survivalism, isn't it? Grand panic about the Internets running out of addresses, so people are taking to their bunkers with personal hoards of them.)

Of course, I could be talking complete toss.
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This is both remarkable and somewhat saddening.

It's many of the surviving members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop kicking it live earlier this year. An event that managed to completely pass me by.

There are bits all over Youtube, but the Who theme is a riot. They sound enough like Hawkwind that I would not have been surprised if they'd swung into Levitation and given it a right shoeing.
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Bleedin' genius racket. Sort of a bit like Tom Ellard fronting a MBV cover-band that only want to play the version of Wire's 'Map Ref 41 N 93 W'. It's like half my favourite bands all at once.

... And it's several years old.

In the timeframe referenced in the last post, I'd have been all over this from the first time it was played at quarter-to-eleven on a wet Tuesday by Peelie, just before a Fall session track. These days, fine music seems to just fall out of the sky for free when I least expect it. On the face of it, this is a good thing, but the malcontent Peelite within (for small values of within) thinks it's all to bloody easy and can't help wondering what other gems he's missing.
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Bios du Boulogne. A critical part in French PCs. Incorrect settings here will drop you at the 'quoi?' prompt on bootup.
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I try to keep an open mind on this whole MeejaBiz vs Terrible Interweb malarkey. I put my hand in my pocket where I can because I have this daft socialist idea that the workers should be recompensed for their labour and favour direct exchange rather than any corporatist nonsense about rewarding the distribution agents.

I understand that there's been some debate on the usenet about one or other of the EBM/Cyber/Whatever labels having to shut up shop due to internet-based piracy. Seems an odd business, if true.

Anyway. There was minor discussion about a film called Moebius. It's Argentinian and seems to involve a train going missing when the tube system goes over-complicated and collapses in on itself. In the topological sense, rather than the structural and/or Hollywood Epic Disaster one. It sounded interesting, but the chances of seeing it seemed to tend toward zero unless some random arthouse cinema found it. However, there was a torrent link. Which, surprisingly, worked. The next problem was the lack of subtitles. Little did I know about the several internet subtitling projects...

As someone who has watched this whole port-80 business more or less lurch into life from day 0, I'm gleefully surprised when any of this stuff works.

(I don't have a point, I'm just rambling.)
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We've got this tree at the bottom of the garden, next to the shed. You can tell it's a bit of a character by the ungrammatical use of the word 'this'. If it had been 'a' tree, then it would have been an undistinguished specimen that told bad jokes or perhaps droned on about SQL Server at otherwise splendid dinner parties.

Hm. 'splendid' and 'dinner party'. Perhaps not.

Anyway. This tree, right? If it had been 'that' tree or even 'your' tree, you would have known that it had just tracked mud in through the house or vomited lager-residue over one of the spider plants. (It's like a spider baby, only in a pot.)

However, the tree in question has done none of these things because it exists in consensus reality, rather than the considerably more interesting version that I prefer to lark around in. In fact, it's done bugger all apart from put up with me hacking back the ivy that surrounded it and bring forth splendid purple spears of flowers that smell excellent and remind me of being tiny because the things used to be everywhere when Cheltenham had more piles of rubble and flattened buildings. That was part of the attraction and why I was so pleased to find it lurking at the bottom of the garden. The breed were/are well known for inhabiting bomb-sites.

And like some dreadful halfwitted human-impersonating muppet I'd forgotten what the poor bloody bush is called.

Buddleia. If I'm going to have a favourite non-native flowering shrub, that'll be the one.
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It's all a bit odd really. For the most part, I'm feeling reasonably cheery. In that there's a bunch of stuff that I should probably worry about, but worrying won't fix any of it, so, um, stincle. Previously I would have been near catatonic with fear, thus unable to work during the week and boozing heavily at the weekend. (And the bits of weekend that didn't involve beer would have involved grinding paranoia because of the hangover.)

So when I did drink beer last, I burned off the hangover with a jolly nice beetle about on my pushbike. All very fine.

Even so, I get the impression (or perhaps give off the impression?) that I'm somewhat detached from people. For instance, I've been commenting up a storm (or more probably a brief shower with a mild northerly breeze) but abandoning 95% of the things while thinking "Nah, that's redundant / patronising / over-familiar / presumptuous." (Or, worst of all, make me look like some desperate hanger-on.)

On the other hand, the running's going well and I'm going to have to revisit the shop of trouserage in order to discover what trendy filth I must struggle to avoid. For someone with a terrible history involving Lionels, I've become rather attached to boot-cut jeans. It's a pity no bugger had the common decency to inform me what a complete Clarkson I looked in any other flavour.

Actually, the running and the eerie calm are more than likely connected.

There was probably some other things but, pfft. Whatever.
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Off to furn parts tomorrow and I get a dose of the Lurgi. Oh well, better living through chemistry.

(Sentence construction and attention-span also shot. Not good.)

Meanwhile, via the resurrected SevList: Aavikko.

There's a Peel Session, which is especially fine in the psych-pop AmigaDemo style. (In that it sometimes sounds like in-game music written by people who'd been listening to the Doors and watching seventies US cop shows, and sometimes I expect some random message in an impossible font to come sine-scrolling across my screen.

Now, see, here's an interesting thing. I wouldn't like to say that the musical form of the AmigaDemo (and presumably ST, C64 et al) existed in isolation. It is pretty much bip-bop synthpop of the type generated on limited hardware (Depeche Mode sounded like they did because they were doing it on monosynths), after all. So the influences had to come from somewhere.

Yet it sounded like nothing else available in the UK at that time.

Fast-forward a few years (ok, about ten) and ver g*thscene is going bonkers for this synthpop stuff that sounds like the old Demoscene stuff I used to listen to.

I don't know where I'm going with this, other than to point out (as if it were news) that there seems to be a pile of interesting music that's ignored by the UK meejah. LIke I said, sentence construction and attention-span completely buggered.


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