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Or indeed a workshop. And hopefully a comfortable number of fine people.


Sep. 4th, 2012 04:53 pm
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Weird. I am plundering the Youtubes (where all pop-cultural detritus is to be found) for the CCS version of 'Whole lot of love', 'Town Talk' by Ken Woodman & His Picadilly Brass, 'At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymba'" by Brian Fahey and his Orchestra and 'Roadwalk' by Syd Dale. Soon I will settle down in front of a Mike Yarwood programme with a nice tin of Top Deck.
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Do you find yourself whistling the same tune when distracted and engaged in manual labour? I do.

According to DNA, Ford Prefect would whistle the first note of 'Mad about the boy' over and over again.

I whistle a tune that [livejournal.com profile] uk_jon first played on one of the school pianos. It's an (obviously) haunting melody that ended up being called 'Casio XL-5'. Equally obviously, the longer version was called 'Casio XL-12'.

Ending a post with a question is usually a guarantee of zero response, so I won't.
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While wandering one mall or another in the Americas the other month, my ancient, somewhat knackered, but original B&L Raybans were remarked upon and then handled with the sort of reverence usually due to religious relics. It was the sort of behaviour one might expect in a non-league[1] cyberpunk story. I was sufficiently boggled that I took no real part in the conversation. Actually, it's most of the plot of 'Hello America', isn't it?

When life imitates Ballard, be mildly concerned.

It seems to me that 'Nice' biscuits are a complete lie. Or perhaps it's a production problem. Were the things given the correct name, 'Horrible', the biscuits would need to be twice the size, which would lead to all sorts of knock-on problems in the production and distribution chain.

Linkage: http://www.museumofvictorianscience.co.uk/

[1] As opposed to first division.
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A while ago, the splendid [livejournal.com profile] avocadovpx opined that he'd bought 'the sort of sweatshirt that [livejournal.com profile] hirez could get away with.'

In turn, I think I've bought a sweatshirt that only someone more rock&roll than I could get away with.

We shall see.

(These German types seem to have shorter arms, mind.)


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