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The Jovesday people were back in force again this afternoon. Queueing for the bus at the wrong time like they were going to a theatre hidden behind the electric car chargers and city-bike stand on the edge of the car-park where Bath stops. The bumped against me like cows, not expecting me to be quite real. And yet there I was.

I feel vaguely guilty about 'ruining' tools, but I have bought a cheap and nasty screwdriver and filed a slot in the blade, so I can open electrical goods and repair them like the sort of person who has a shed filled with things that will come in handy one day.

There's a house opposite with a couple of pallets in the front garden. I am very strongly tempted to ask the nice people if they have plans for them.

I also found a whole pile of scratty phonecam pics that never made it to any sort of bolog. I should bolog them and then they will have meaning.
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This is entirely accurate. And you should read Ted Chiang.

In other news, the steampunk anthology that contains a JHR story continues to sell. The Americans seem to like relics of empire.
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For Fantasycon this year, I was mostly moving things from point (a) to point (b). It was jolly good fun, modulo Nottingham managing to have the most startlingly awful one-way system in creation. The big sign on the outskirts giving details of the four different radio stations which might emit 'traffic' 'news' (beep-beep yeah, etc) should have been a warning. The last time I saw something like that, we were out on the edge of Illinois where they have Weather of a rather more biblical nature.

The Notts uni campus is huge and pastoral and I could see why one might want to study there. It's also miles from bloody nowhere, which is a bit of a bind if you fancied sloping off for something that was not hotel or East Midlands Conference Centre grub. And if you did slope off and end up Somewhere, you'd have to fight The Traffic to get there.

The rest of the volunteering types were lovely, mind. I also accidentally a huge pile of books.

Next year, it's in Scarborough. Won't that be jolly if it's temporally (as well as obviously spatially) handy for Whitby.
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I am mostly asleep and the weather is far too good for being indoors, so I went for a post-lunch wander. I accidentally the tradesmen's entrance of Jolly's and found myself deep in the underwear department, which was all a bit Father Ted.

Later I fetched up at the Assembly Rooms and pottered round the fashion museum. It seemed to be wedding-dress month. Those from the thirties and forties (and evening dresses ditto) were well into boat-floating territory. The influence of Modernist thinking, I should imagine. The examples from the eighties were a cavalcade of 'dear me what were you thinking?'

Well worth a visit. (Yes I would be up for another weekday lunchtime wander)
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I guess I'd better vaguely apologise to the poor bugger who was lumbered with my hangover this morning. Given the splendid time I had, I should imagine the beast was epic in scope and grim in countenance.

Nice to see plot devices from old Channel4 films given a re-airing.

I am talented and fully aware of my space in the mediasphere, so I can perform live cat-macros while drunk in charge of a SpeechTool. Others, it seems, are ably demonstrating the nature of Sturgeon's Law.
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In the future, when I have more money than sense, I shall have both summer and winter residences.

Today feels like summer drew a line in the cloud and went 'Come on, then' in the direction of winter. It's clouding up now, but it was bright and warm on the way in and bugger the downhill slide toward the end of the year.
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Recently, an oak chest of drawers (made in April 1925 by a bloke called Williamson) turned up via the means of Ebay. Since it was home to a vigorous colony of woodworm, it's been out in the shed while I daub it with noxious substances. Well, substance. Looks like milk, pongs familiarly of organophosphates. If it doesn't work, we're in Ogden Nash territory. (A primal termite knocked on wood/Tasted it and found it good/That is why your cousin May/Fell through the parlour floor today.)

Lining the drawers were pages from the May 20th 1965 Daily Express and Evening Post. The Post leads with news of a Pakistan Air Boeing going down in the Egyptian desert with the loss of 121. There are other stories about the bus fares going up and a 'final solution' to the gypsy problem.

The Express bits are mostly sits. vac. and the television listings. I've scanned them for a laugh:

Computing jobs for chaps with English Electric Leo Marconi.

Spannering Nuke subs.

Engineering lab staff for W.H. Allen & Sons.

The Television. Three channels! And Teledu Cymru!


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