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Well, would you look at that:

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IP Address: (2001:0470:1f15:0097:76d4:35ff:fe81:4dcd)

Yay for DW doing IPv6!

As detailed on FB, and probably just below this if the sodding algorithms even work, which I'm fairly sure they do, just not in a way that is useful to Carbon Units (or 'Flesh Liabilities' as the Commerce AI systems have it).

But, y'know, FriendFace isn't actually for you and me, is it? In much the same way that Twitter works best for authoritarians and 'GNU' 'social' is best for people with boundary and personal hygiene issues. Also PHP. Really?

Anyway. The garage is less full, the garden is less manky, the house LAN is less slow and I still can't find the blasted set of screwdrivers I wanted. This much achievement is actually somewhat disturbing.
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You know, perhaps trying to build complicated things with inadequate documentation, the day after an evening in the pub to commemorate a friend/colleague who'd killed themselves wasn't the brightest idea I've ever had.

I also have very mixed feelings about something that's basically mr-pointless-swearing becoming popular with a section of the twatterati. One might be forgiven for forming the impression that a swathe of twitter is just looking for the next jolt of vicarious indignation so they can fondle themselves into a frenzy of hatred in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

I understand that the traditional method used to be 'a scourge of small cords', but we live in the C21st and going up to the mall at Cribbs to drive people out of the Apple shop with a pointy stick is just going to get you arrested.

So here's the thing. SysV is pretty hateful because it got preserved in aspic at some point in the late 80s and all that has happened since is that it's got faster and cheaper. No-one has yet managed to keep a straight face while explaining why you need five (or was it seven?) different startup configurations and their associated collection of dreadful scripts that have to detach from the console. Or not detach from the console. And provide redirection for stdin, stdout and stderr. Or not do that. I'm sure I wouldn't have to try too hard to redirect stderr to pun: (and stdin to rdr:) - I am aware that those are CP/M devices - because I have a punch/reader in the shed. Which I'm sure would be a jolly jape for an April 01 RFC, but exactly no use at all to someone who'd like to get their website working now please.

Short version - Change is good, init is dreadful. The way OSX does startup/shutdown is really very good. Although XML does basically look like the OS is wearing a mullet. Ha-ha business up front, far roo much typing with special editor out the back.

Meanwhile, back with SysV, the advice in 'Practical Unix and Internet Security' for Internet-facing kit boiled down to 'Only keep packages on the system you know you need, which does not include a compiler/build chain.' And 'If the process-list is longer than a terminal session, then it's too long. Don't run things you don't need/understand.' This is coincidentally fine advice when trying to stuff as many VMs as possible into a bulging sock of a hypervisor. And those filthy BSD degenerates had Jails. And. And.

Docker networking still makes my eyes bleed. However, I chanced upon the weblog of a chap going on at some length about the state of SDN. Hoo, boy. I know little of SDN and after that read I am glad.

Oh, the bit about spotting undocumented command-line options on a slide half-way through a presentation? I didn't make that up. Modern system documentation is piss-poor, and no, a 'screen' 'cast' is really quite far from acceptable. No I am not going to do it for you and 'submit' a 'pull request'. I already have paid employment and a life to be getting on with outside of that.
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I forget where it was, but at one workplace, the water-thingummy had a wee LCD that read 'Well done - promote clear thinking.' (or something a lot like that)

Had I my brains in, I'd have nurgled the thing such that it read something much less cheerful. Well, I would have been cheerful, but I don't know that anyone else would.
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... Which is an interesting hypothesis. I'm not entirely convinced. mind.
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Oddly enough, the internet is filled with periodic tables of beer. It must be a growth industry, carefully hidden under the cat macros, pr0n, Top Gear torrents, Top Gear slash and loud, confident and wrong Linux weblogs.

Why isn't there an electric Caterham/Lotus Seven/Westfield? (In the motor-at-each-corner and exotic battery style, rather than lead-acid and milkfloat motor one.)
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Experts-exchange == utter wankers.

Oh, and those tossrags who want to charge you for the download of free-from-the-manufacturer drivers. Haddaway an' shite, y'friggers.
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I can probably blame [livejournal.com profile] lproven for finding this. (He's been talking of the 'good old days' of personal computing, and since I had to repair a random selection of 80s computing kit, my view of the whole thing is somewhat less than nostalgic. It's like that with 80s music, too.)

Anyway. That link. If you're even slightly interested in hacker history, it's fine stuff. Although GNU fanboys should probably go and find a Gentoo box to update instead. A quick scan of some other entries reveals A Great Deal Of Sense.
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I think we (where 'we' parses as 'anyone with more than one Unix box who's wanted a document printed without the aid of several Knuth books') can get behind the idea that CUPS 1.1.x is a good thing, if one that travels with rather more baggage that might be considered strictly appropriate for a free software product.

1.2.x is... Prettier and comes with bells and a steam-driven whistle. Installation is Jolly Nice on some package-damaged platform like Beardian, since you don't notice the myriad GNU libraries that it drags behind itself on lengths of string like the tins and bodies that follow the bride & groom's car.

It's probably rather messy on a real OS and won't install at all on the boggle-eyed humppa-freak version. ("Get that GNU shit off my machine. We want beer and humppa and then we hunt furries!")

On an OS that runs on proper hardware (Admittedly it's nasty SysV filth) it's a complete nightmare and I'm going to wallop the next -funroll-loops ricer I see on general principles.

openssl genrsa 1024 > host.key
openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -sha1 -days 365 -key host.key > host.cert

Of course that'll blow up in a year, but it's much less work.
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(It was a song)

I feel the need to take a tent and a laptop and go sit in a field with like-minded individuals this summer. Is there anything on the horizon, or do we have to self-organize? BarCamp Hay-on-Wye, for entirely random instance.

Elsewhere, the self-powered [livejournal.com profile] silentq pointed to Nice Guys versus nice guys and dating as a bisexual woman, both written by the clearly splendid [livejournal.com profile] divalion. I have to say that the first piece hits disturbingly close to home in some respects. (Or 'hit', at least. I like to think I'm better now.)

I should probably be writing some code, but I have the strange urge to bodge up some maximally wrong KPresenter slides instead. That's likely the reason I'm not asked to stand up and make presentations to the rest of the inmates here.
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You know that part in 'Mr Hulot's holiday' with the double-lunge and the accidental winning at tennis? (If you don't, your cultural life is wanting and the DVD's cheap. Get it sorted you muppet.)

Imagine the JH-R doing that. Ha!

Things are not as hard as I think they are.

Yes, the last 'n' posts here have been either linkish or tediously spoddy. "What's happened to the stories of submarines, thirtyish ramblings of distant youth and the terrible photography?" you might ask. "We liked those, even those weird blurry things we didn't quite understand."
Well, this month the creativity daemon has beetled off in a C++ direction.
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Preparations for next weekend (and the second half of the week) don't involve much in the way of rock&roll. Tent and like malarkey - yes, postmodern haircut and avant-garde trousers - no. Instead I'm hacking with the craptop, trying to get BSD 6-BETA01 to talk to the GPS, forgetting that I was going to make it do SMTP+TLS and generally attempting to harden the thing as much as possible.

I'll also need to translate some useful phrases:

"No, two cases of the wheat beer, ta."
"In the UK we call it 'wife beater'."
"I'm sorry, was that your access point?"
"Trying IIS exploits against a FreeBSD box makes you look like a cock."


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