Apr. 13th, 2016

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The middle road into Bath from Bristol is now mostly a 40 limit, apart from the bits that are 30. Although at the far end there is a 'National speed limit applies' section each side of Kelston. Which is obviously the near end if you're coming from Bath. Because the daemons of traffic management like a laugh, those are the twistiest bits where you will find a succession of lumpy blind corners and if you're really lucky, an idiot on the far side of the solid white lines overtaking a cyclist in the teeth of oncoming traffic. Because they are idiots.

As you come into (or finally exit) Bath, there are a couple of houses along the outer edge of what's more or less a 120-degree corner. It is either an opportunity for avoiding buses or jumping on the brakes as you sweep down towards it from Kelston.

Today there was a new(ish) Merc jammed neatly but sideways across the gateway to one of those houses. Given the crumpled nature of the black and white chevron signs and the scraped verge, I can only guess that Billy-Bollocks the Merc pilot had been rather too enthusiastic about hoofing it through the twisty bits and managed to have it NASCAR up the 'banking' and into the drive.

I fear I laughed. That sort of crash position is comedy gold.


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